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Discharged, Then Discarded

“We don’t know how to do anything besides fight. That’s how they trained us. We will never give up. Never.

Hector will be our rock. With this rock, we’re going to start a ripple, and that will turn into a wave. Something

will happen—we know it.”

- Alex Bernal, reacting to the death of deported Vietnam veteran Hector Barrios in Mexico, April 21, 2014.

Veteran Service Recognition Act- Immediate Goals

Find a Republican to co-lead the bill and introduce with Senator Padilla

5 Additional Republican co-sponsors in the House.

Educate members of Congress on key committees.

Immigrant Veterans Deported by the Same Nation They Sacrificied to Defend

Immigrant servicemembers possess critical skills that enhance military readiness and strengthen national security. That is why for more than 200 years, the U.S. Government has passed laws, promulgated policies and created initiatives that provide servicemembers an expedited path to citizenship. Prior to the Trump administration, Republican and Democratic administrations alike at least sought to streamline the naturalization process for the brave men and women who answered the call to serve.


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Guayaquil Equador - Deported Veteran Outreach

This video tells the story of an US veteran who was deported and now lives in difficult conditions in Ecuador.

The video maker is with Repatriate the Patriots, who help deported veterans and they are following them around to document their daily life.

The video mentions that the veteran is entitled to VA benefits but cannot access them because of his deportation status.

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Congresswoman Escobar

This video is about a conversation between a constituent advocate and a Congresswoman about the challenges faced by deported veterans.

The advocate is asking for the Congresswoman's help with these challenges.

The Congresswoman acknowledges the issues and offers to brainstorm solutions, both legislative and administrative.

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