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Stand with our heroes: Donate to bring our Veterans home.

Our Mission

Repatriate Our Patriots is committed to the compassionate repatriation of deported veterans and supporting their reintegration into society, while actively working to prevent future deportations. Our mission is to honor their service regardless of their citizenship status, by providing unwavering advocacy, support, and resources, ensuring that no veteran faces deportation and fostering a community that values their contributions and sacrifices.


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Global Impact 

"Bring Them Home" is a profound exploration of the lives of deported veterans, where their poignant stories take center stage. This impactful film serves as a rallying call to raise awareness about the formidable challenges these veterans confront daily and the pressing need for transformative change. Its accolades include the coveted "Best Of Fest" recognition at various film festivals, along with the prestigious Veterans Voice Award at the Portland Film Festival.


Get Help

  • Mental Health

    Access to mental health care

  • Housing Services

    Resources to help deported veterans find housing

  • Immigration Attorneys

    Access legal services

Discover more resources, we are here to help.


of Americans are against Veteran Deportation. 


noncitizens served in the military in 2013 & 2018.


of our veterans have returned home  thru the efforts of the coalition. 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

Stand with our heroes: Help veterans return home with honor. Let's answer their call, just as they answered ours. #RepatriateOurVets #WelcomeHome


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