Our Mission

As veterans, we live by our motto "Never Leave a Fallen Comrade Behind". We aim to:

Aid in the Repatriation

of service members who have been deported to their country of origin.


Future Deportations

Inform, Guide, & Refer

Legal Permanent Residents (LPR) through the Naturalization process.


with government officials and entities, State and Federal for the benefit of deported Veterans and/or those at risk.

Our Why

As Veterans, we’ve served our country, and we learned the meaning of loyalty. We were trained to never give up and never leave a fellow soldier behind. Now, that commitment extends to our brothers and sisters in arms who've been unjustly deported. We won't stand by and watch them face this fight alone.

Here's Where We Come In

We offer:

Clear Information

Easily accessible resources on veterans' immigration rights.

Personalized Support

Our dedicated team connects veterans with legal resources and guides them through available options.

Unwavering Advocacy

We fight for policies that ensure veterans can continue to call America home, the nation they proudly served.

America's Heroes Deserve a Home: Repatriate Our Patriots


How do Veterans Get Deported

Many veterans, including immigrants, have bravely donned the uniform, defending this nation's freedom. Their sacrifices are a testament to their unwavering spirit, enriching the American tapestry. Yet, a cruel reality exists. Some, despite honorable service and decorations, face deportation due to technicalities or past mistakes. Often, these offenses are minor, a stark contrast to the sacrifices made. What's more heartbreaking is that some may have been misled about citizenship via service, leading to a devastating betrayal.

This injustice cannot stand. We, at Repatriate Our Patriots, stand with these forgotten heroes.
Their service deserves recognition, not rejection.

Non-Citizens and Military Service

Countries of Birth

Service members born in the Philippines, Mexico, Jamaica, China, and South Korea - the top five countries of birth among those naturalized - comprised 39% of naturalizations since FY 2017. The next five countries of birth - Nigeria, Ghana, India, Haiti, and Nepal - comprised an additional 17% of military naturalizations from FY 2017 to FY 2021.


Repatriate Our Patriots is operated by a dedicated and passionate team of volunteers who come together to make a positive impact in the lives of our veterans.


Danitza Garcia James, M.S.W.

U.S. Army Combat Veteran

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Zaneta M. Gileno, LCSW, CT

Mental Health Advisor


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Repatriate Our Patriots Team

Aurelia Lorena Murga, Ph.D.

Human Rights Advocate


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Jennifer Martinez-Medina, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor

Board Member

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Noemi Dimuzio, M.A.

U.S. Navy Veteran


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Nick Paz

U.S. Army Combat Veteran

International Liasion & Human Rights Advocate

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