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Don't let their sacrifice be forgotten. Together, we can create a future where ALL veterans feel secure and valued members of the American family. Join us in honoring their commitment by ensuring a smooth reintegration back into civilian life.

The time to act is NOW. Let's bridge this gap and show these heroes the gratitude they deserve.

How You Can Make a Difference


Repatriate Our Patriots it's an all volunteer organization comprised of mainly Veterans who continue to live by the Military Motto "I will never leave a fallen comrade behind" and ROP will never Leave a Veteran Behind. 

To carry-out our mission we depend on community partners, volunteers and financial donations. 


Our nation's heroes deserve a hero's welcome.

Thanks to your compassion and unwavering support, Repatriate Our Patriots is making a critical difference in the lives of deported veterans. Your generous contribution empowers us to fight for their rightful return home and equip them with the resources they need to rebuild their lives. Time is of the essence, and with your help, we can ensure no veteran ever faces this fight alone.

Together, we'll keep the promise: "We will never leave a fallen comrade behind." It's a promise that embodies the very spirit of America – a land of hope, opportunity, and unwavering support for those who served.

Donate today and be a part of their homecoming.

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This work can not be done alone. A coalition of advocates is essential to the success of our Mission.

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Contact your representatives. Advocate for policies that keep veterans home.

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